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The Tiny Beet is Savannah’s first Lifestyle Medicine pediatric practice.

The Lifestyle Medicine Approach

Lifestyle Medicine is the specialty I came across that ultimately pushed me to open my own practice. LM treats each patient from the root cause by focusing on its pillars: eating healthy (we’re big fans of plant-based meals), having fun with physical activity, the importance of sleep, harvesting healthy relationships, stress management, and avoiding substances.

Below are some Lifestyle Medicine resources I highly recommend:







  • Dr. Caudill’s direct number to communicate with
  • Telemedicine
  • Minimal to no wait time in waiting room
  • Same or next day sick visits, with appointment
  • 30 minute blocked visits
  • All well check up visits as per American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines
  • Discounted price on medications and labs
  • Lactation support
  • Incision/drainage and simple sutures
  • Chronic care management and coordinations
  • Lifestyle Medicine education
  • Developmental screenings per age group
  • Events and workshops at discounted rate


$100 registration fee, per family

Discounts available for 3 or more children

  • Sprouts

    0-2 years


    Includes 3 home visits for the newborns: 1 to 2 days from hospital discharge (at 2 weeks of age and 1 month of age)

  • Seedlings

    2-5 years


  • Lil' Beets

    6-18 years


    Includes sports physicals

Non-member services

  • $150

    Non-member sick visits

    Per visit

  • $165

    Non-member well check

    Per visit

  • $100

    Non-member sports physical

  • $100

    Lifestyle Medicine consults, for those who want to maintain their pediatrician

    Per month

  • $200

    Home visits (restrictions apply)

    Per visit

  • $50


    Per session

  • $80

    Dietician consult

  • $100

    Ear piercings; medical grade titanium earrings or plastic earrings for kids with sensitive skin or allergies to jewelry

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